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The Algarve.

After a few days in the country, we headed to the Algarve, specifically, Lagos + Sagres. The city of Lagos was quite small and it was great for easy exploring. My parents went to the fish market, my dad waking up around 6 am one day headed down to pick out some delicious tuna for us for dinner. We celebrated Easter (Kev and i standing the entire mass from the balcony, my parents sitting at the alter) and found about 15 items wrapped in tissue paper hiding in various places around the house. We had a gin + tonic tasting event, “sponsored” by Kevin, who claimed (and was correct, sadly!) that given the chance to have 4 drinks, we couldn’t tell the difference between them. We went sea kayaking and swam in the beach. We went hat hunting for my mom (which turned out to be quite a feat!), and ate a delicious Indian dinner. My dad tried gelato for the first time, and they ate their first salted sardines (another Portuguese specialty). We ran on the beach, looked at cool urchins, played paddle ball while Kev practiced his card trick. We went to Sagres and ultimately to “the end of the world!” aka, the south-eastern most tip of Europe. We geo-cached and ate egg salad sandwiches and chocolate seashells on the side of the road. Needless to say, we killed it.IMG_6123

IMG_6126IMG_6136IMG_6138Looking like a gem, Easter morning.IMG_6197Easter cake with hazelnuts and figs made by a sweet Portuguese woman.IMG_6201Dinner one night.IMG_6141When my mom visited Portugal almost 30 years ago, she remembered rocky cliffs and beautiful water somewhere around Lagos. She and my Aunt Renee camped, and it turns out, there was a campsite that they very well could have stayed at right by this beach. We’ll never know for sure (until we scan some of my aunt’s old photos for proof!) but this very well could have been where she was all those years ago. I thought that was pretty cool.IMG_6142IMG_6147IMG_6151IMG_6152Super woman.IMG_6153IMG_6158Dad running on the beach.IMG_6161IMG_6162IMG_6164IMG_6168IMG_6171IMG_6173This is my favorite picture of the day, even though it’s not a great one. Judging by the look on my mom’s face, you would have thought THE BIGGEST WAVE ON THE PLANET (or a giant sea animal) had just come out of no where and attacked. Comically for her, I captured that monster, which you can see rising just above her ankles. đŸ™‚ Love it.IMG_6177IMG_6179IMG_6180Sea kayaking.IMG_6182IMG_6184IMG_6185IMG_6190Dad, being funny.IMG_6191The End of the World (Sagres).IMG_6207



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