Scanned some photos

Not a whole lot to say, but after several hours in the dark room, and many many more scanning photos one at a time, I figured I’d post a few of the photos I’m reasonably happy with (as promised in one of my previous posts).

Sadly, I am not and was not really in the photography mood the past months (ok, year+), and it shows as I’d say the large majority of photos are very much “meh.” That said, I think that developing these photos and spending some time in the dark room has helped me appreciate photos more once again. So hopefully I’ll get back on the horse, a bit.

So here we go…

I’ll go in chronological order, starting with photos from Colombia.

Here is a dog (temporarily named Playa) that Lindsay loved and wanted to keep. It lived outside on the beach.
playa on beach.jpg

Playa the dog on playa blanca looking at you.jpg

playa the dog and lindasy.jpg

dog laying under boat sleeping playa blanca.jpg

The hut type beach place we stayed on the beach in Colombia
View of Hugos place playa blanca.jpg

Looking down playa blanca lots of people.jpg

cartagena street at night.jpg

sean corie and kyle at hotel in cartagena.jpg

corie at the coffee shop in colombia.jpg

dead bird graffiti on wall in bogota colombia.jpg

lindsay and corie monserate.jpg

people along the wall in monserate colombia.jpg

a burro on a mountain in colombia.jpg

kyle teeples monsorate colombia in a tree.jpg

poker beer at bar in colombia.jpg

And Sykes Hot Springs

sai prepares for the hike and looks stoic.jpg

lindsay looks unconcerned of potential bears.jpg

lindsay in the tent at sykes hot spring.jpg

lindsay drinks.jpg

cup and stuff.jpg

lindsay and sai again wow this is a lot.jpg

we finished sykes hot spring hike.jpg

And Yosemite/Sacramento

a great camping dinner with corona.jpg

lindsay and sai at camp in yosemite.jpg

sai looks on by lake mono.jpg

a vertical shot of the touching tree stump in yosemite by a river.jpg


capitol building of california in the capital in sacramento.jpg

lindsay in our new yaris in sacramento parking garage.jpg

And more on my flickr account.

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