Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA.

I just had to share quickly, last night was awesome as Lindsay and I went to an internet cafe to do some Cambodia research, and what should I find but a few fellow DotA players! DotA, being a somewhat obscure video game I play (not enough? too much? I’m not sure..) back at home. Anyway, it was great to see such a familiar, “important” thing to me in such a distant place, being played by guys who couldn’t even speak english. It was pretty awesome.

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  1. Hey both of you! I just wanted to share some love from back home. You might be surprised to learn you have a loyal string of followers reading your blog! Ryan and I are always like, “hey, did you see what they said about that, or did you read what they did yesterday?”. I admit I only have time to check your postings about 15 times a day at my current job. It sounds like a great adventure and Lindsay I liked the picture of the toilet with the directional arrow for the soap. And Kevin, we liked the monkey video. Sometimes I wonder how one’s fingers feel after typing a large blog on an ipod? Well take care!

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