Quick update from Koh Tao

Hopefully my battery doesnt die before I finish this.

As I type this the tide is high, I'm sitting on a sodden step that
faces the ocean, which is maybe 10 feet in front of me. Behind me is
the main office of the Big Blue dive operation that Lindsay and I dove
with. It's 7:30 pm here and dark already. In front but to the left a
bit is a Thai cooking fresh fish and other seafood to order, his BBQ
"grill" has two legs in the water. It is a very nice atmosphere, to
the right if me and again only a few feet away is a palm tree with
lanterns hanging from it and surrounding it is a bunch of tables and
mats where people sit on the ground eating their freshly cooked
seafood. There seems to be a lot of large prawns, red snapper, and
baracuda. It's a very "tropical island" atmosphere. Lindsay is running
on the beach, which is lit up all along the coast with similar
establishments. Music of course is playing.

This will be night three on Koh Tao, and there us much to share. A
terrible boat ride here, very good diving, and a so so experience with
the "resort" we're staying at. I don't think I'll have time to post
about all of this right now, so the details will have to wait until
later. I just wanted to give a ganeral update on our progress and plans.

Tomorrow we are taking a four hour boat ride to chumpan (spelling?)
which is north of Surat thani which is where we first departed from.
Then we take a 4 hour train to a small fishing village along the coast
to the north, where we plan to stay for 1 or 2 nights, before we head
back to bangkok to regroup before Chiang Mai, in the very north.

Hope all is well for everybody, good luck Andrew!!!

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  1. Lindsay, you need to write a book. You are a nut.

    I can understand, accept, worry about you and smpahtize (as the great and caring father that I am)that you had a very serious sun burn, got very ill to the point of nearly needing hospitalization, ate “terrible sushi,” cut yourself on a rock while jogging on the beach during high tide at night, and drove on the back of a schooter for over 40 minuites in a torrid storm over trecherous hills, but HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU EVER EXPECT ME TO ACCEPT YOU LOOKING LIKE- HILARY CLINTON!!!!! For that I am most concerned. What am I to do about THAT!!! HOW COULD YOU, HONEY? Love, Dad.

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