It’s been a long time…

too bright but on purpose, originally uploaded by Kevin Mitchell.

It’s been a long time since we posted anything, and this is not really anything worth writing home about (I think there’s a joke there somewhere), but I figured I’d at least share a picture I enjoy. It’s just a very quick version of what I hope will eventually be something I print out on a wall to remind me of what’s important in life. Lots of photoshop will be needed, but I’m convinced this photo has potential. It’s (as you may see if you read the description) a photo of a place that Lindsay and I stopped at often in Vang Vien Viang (spelling?) to have a water and a coke (total cost: ~80 cents) and look at the incredible rice fields… The photo truly does not do the place justice, the small shack you see was actually somebodies small house that they sold drinks from out front, and it was on a 30 or 40 foot cliff… so when seated on the mat yuo see in the front, you were sort of suspended over top of these beautiful fields… sort of like when Simba was held up in the lion king, same sort of feeling I would imagine.

Anyway, as of now we are actually out of Laos. It was amazing and we both wished we stayed longer, but incredibly Lindsay has decided to run a MARATHON in Bangkok on the 23rd of November so we’ve started the journey to BKK. We are currently in Chiang Mai, hanging out with some incredibly awesome people (Germans no less!) who we’ve been traveling with the past few weeks. There are running the marathon in BKK as well. I’m sure you’ll hear lots more about all of this, but for now I promised Lindsay I would be on the computer an hour and it’s going on three (sorry Lindz, I love you!). I’m really excited for Lindsay to run the marathon, it’s pretty crazy/incredible really, and I’m sure it’s going to be painful.

much love to you at home, and a special “shout out” to Ken and the rest of the SENA/NewPage “crew” – thanks for the email Ken, I got it a few hours ago and want to write you back (I’ve actually been meaning to drop you a line but Laos wasn’t an ideal email country!) but for now must run as you read above! It’s so nice to hear from you, I think of work in WI more often then you might believe (and I think of it fondly even!)!

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