Russian River and Packing is Underway

Packing is now fully underway. Lindsay has spent the past week+ organizing, cleaning, and selling our stuff on Craigslist. Sadly, we still have a long way to go – as I lay in bed typing this, I see our bed stand, our alarm clock, our covers and sheets, our mattress, the artwork above our head, etc. All of that stuff needs to be gone in two weeks. And that’s just in our bed area.

Still, we’ve gotten rid of quite a large number of things:

  • My motorcycle
  • Our kitchen table
  • Our TV and TV stand
  • Our blender
  • Our chair
  • Our couch
  • MOST of our clothing

Here are a few photos that don’t quite do the madness justice.

Packing up Oakland 1Packing up Oakland 2Packing up Oakland 3Packing up Oakland 4

..and a bunch of other stuff. Five, six, seven, eight, maybe more bags of “garbage” have been thrown away at this point. Sadly “garbage” doesn’t mean “totally garage”, but things like pans that are too scratch to be of much value to anybody, but not bad enough to replace. Semi-used craft supplies, clothes with stains, etc. Hopefully by the end of the week things will START to come together, and by next weekend we’ll be ready to sort out the final pieces. The big unknowns at this point are just how much stuff we have in the “keep” pile, and whether it might warrant getting a storage space (Lindsay is very much against this, I have mixed feelings but feel it may be required), etc.

In other news, Lindsay and I (and Sai) went up to Russian River this past weekend with a bunch of friends. We stayed at this great cabin/house/thing right on the river (near Guernyville). There were perhaps 15 of us, and we spent most of the day swimming, playing cards, drinking 1 or 2 or more beers, and just generally hanging out. The water on the river was low, but it was BEAUTIFUL. Possibly BECAUSE it was low and the sun was able to get down to the bottom of the river easily, it was very bright and I had an awesome time swimming around. I got a new housing for my GoPro Hero 2 (Thanks Teeples!) and recorded a few small little video clips which I put together in a video. Sorry for the shaky camera, next time I’ll not move around so much I think.