A sort of so long

Ultra quick post, because Lindsay wanted me to post something:

We MAY be leaving tomorrow (Sunday). Actually we MAY have left today, but as we are flying standby we are never sure for sure. Tomorrow morning’s flights are looking better then today’s though, so we’ll see!

We’ve been in Bangkok for about 10 days now, just hanging out. It’s been nice, and I think we’re going to miss Bangkok, as well as the rest of SE Asia of course.

For those who don’t know, my parents had planned on coming over however the international airport was shut down for something like a week+ thanks to a bunch of protesters (it was actually a pretty big deal and was a top story in quite a few international newspapers and things) which meant people were not able to get in or out. Including my parents. I’m still getting over the disappointment, but to be honest I think it was much worse for my Mom/Dad.

Anyway, because they were not able to come, we’ve decided we’re gonna head home. So that’s what we are doing. Originally our plan was to stop over in Tokyo, but funds are getting a bit “tight” and Tokyo would have been expensive, so we’re gonna skip it and just come home. If we are super lucky (and that’s doubtful) we may be home by Sunday evening in good ol’ Jenison. If we are not lucky (more likely) we’ll be home _______ night instead. IE we don’t really know. But eventually we’re gonna get on a plane! If you know anybody getting on the 6:40 AM BKK -> Narita flight tomorrow, tell them they should skip it because so we can get on the plane! ;).

This seems like a totally inadequate way of “signing off” of our trip, but in reality it’s not. Even though it may sound dumb, I think we’ve got at least a few more things we’d like to post/share for our own memories/etc. So this isn’t the end of the blog, but it could be the last post from the other side of the world.

Love you all, and again special thanks to Jan for making this trip 6 months instead of 4.

Also special thanks to StoraEnso/NewPage for letting us work for them and make money, which went a long way in paying for this trip.

And I’d say thanks to other people, but I feel like I’m making a Grammy speech.

See you all soon (hopefully!!)