there’s a tireswing, baby on the end of our rope….

well, here marks post numero uno for little ol’ lindz. i’m just hanging out at signatures with kev doing a little research, listening to a little mr. mason jennings, and trying to mentally prepare myself for our departure in t-7 days. the last week has been a whirlwind, and the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter by the minute. there just never seems to be enough time.

we are leaving in 1 week.


it’s incredible, really. i don’t think i have prepared enough…on any level. surely not mentally…i haven’t even thought about saying goodbye to anyone, even though tonight, for instance, will be the last time i see corie at all. period. until i get back.

physically, i don’t feel prepared.
yes, i have packed my things:

3 shirts
1 pair convertible pants
1 skirt
some undies

(doesn’t sound like much, does it?!)

but still, i don’t feel prepared.

i have an international drivers license, my passport, birth certificate, $50 in baht, health/immunization records and about 20 passport sized portraits (courtesy of kevin adam) all in a rolled-up waterproofed, moneybelt sized bag, and that’s about it. of all of those things, kevin has made each of them all happen. whenever i travel, i kinda just fly by the seat of my pants (not like that’s anything new :)). sure, i read up on the culture, and the lingual aspects (the things that really interest me) but the more mundane (read: important) things that would probably keep me safer, etc, etc, i just don’t really worry so much about. thankfully, i have never gotten myself in a sticky enough of a situation that i couldn’t get myself out of. and yes, while i realize that pre-planning may make things initially easier, i figure, hell! i have 6 months to figure this out. why stress/think about it any more than i have to?!

this is my attitude. this is why my mom is nervous. this is why having kevin along to worry about the important/boring things makes me quite the lucky traveler. unlike south america, i feel like this trip is going to be intense. the weather conditions, the fact that short of using my fingers, i cannot properly use the utensils needed to eat (and god knows, i need to eat!! :)) people on the streets will probably be like, “who is this american girl. why can she not use chopsticks without looking impaired?! let’s refuse her food until she learns to eat without totally making a fool of herself (and her travel companion)…” not really. but still. if i saw someone trying to use a fork like i use chopsticks, i would have no other choice but to double over in laughter, stare, and point until the poor individual turned and ran from embarrassment. and i wouldn’t even feel bad. because they would have deserved it. coming to a foreign country and not knowing how to use their utensils…please.

that is why i have decided to bring..dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn!!!!!

my special red CONNECTED chopsticks from chinatown, USA!!!!
lame, i know.

what do you think now, you crazy little chinaman! bring on the farang comments! come on, bring it! with my newfound confidence, i can take it! laugh, point, stare! at least i will be able to get your delicious pad thai IN MY MOUTH!! and not on my face…or skirt, or shirt…or….

i need to prepare.

i just sold my 70 liter pack, and purchased a 35 liter INTERNAL frame pack, which i think might be a tad small, but will be far better than the one i had in new york. much better.

also, on a far different note…i love mason jennings. more than life itself. i think sitting here has just inspired me to also bring my ipod so i can “keep it real,” while meandering around the streets of bangkok.

okay, i’m off to see seany’s new ride. i best be off. i’m sure i’ll update again sometime before i leave.

keep it real.



I’ve been spending a fair amount of time packing and buying stuff to pack as of late, and it’s been a bit annoying. I say annoying because I’m a nerd and want to be prepared, but don’t really have a great idea of what I’ll really need/want. Adding to the annoyance of the whole thing is the fact that I know from personal experience then bring little is better to bringing lots and so my desire to be prepared in a nerdy sort of ways normally conflicts with what I know to be best.

I’ve spent around 200$ bucks on stuff that I’m bringing, around $120 of that I’ve spent on clothes that, sadly, people who’ve actually traveled extensively think are not great to bring. 100% Nylon long sleeve shirts in particular, which perhaps are gimmicky. For instance I bought one of these. I wore the shirt around for a while and it feels great, but they tell me that a 100% cotton shirt is better for the weather. We’ll see.

I’ve also bought a $20 film camera (Rebel X), a $30 8GB flash drive, a $15 dollar USB to USB transfer gadget, some $1.50 foam to protect my stuff, and a bunch of other stuff like travel shampoo, a tooth brush for $1.79, a waterproof bag for $7 bucks or something, a towel meant to dry cars but that will dry me, and that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Wait, no I also purchased a Let’s Go! guide to Thailand, and a spare 20D camera battery that has yet to come in yet. I’m a bit worried that it won’t come in.

I have a lot more to say on this subject, so look forward to a thrilling “Packing – 2” post coming soon! Maybe if we get lucky Lindsay will chime in with some thoughts as well!

family road trip

9 days

Well it’s the 24th of June (note to self: I think I left my watch outside on the hot tub) which means that there are 9 days until my dear friend Nick will pull up in his significantly underpowered car to pick Lindsay and I up. From there we’ll be heading across the United States of America (one nation under god) to sunny California. Along the way we’ll most likely stop at ________, ________, and _________ which I’m really excited about. I don’t actually know where we’ll be stopping. According to google maps the best route for us to follow would take us across Idaho, Colorado, the top of Texas, Nevada, and into Cali. This could be fun, though to be honest those aren’t the most exciting states. We’ll see.

Of course once we get to California we’ll be heading to Bangkok Thailand for the first leg of our five month (FIVE MONTHS!!) backpacking trip around SE Asia. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia are our destinations.

Anyway, I’m personally starting to feel a bit nervous and a bit sad about leaving the ol’ family. It always is a bit sad to leave, though it’s nice to know that when I come back I’ll be living with them (or at least near to them) again. It feels better than going to college, because when I go to college I knew that I might only be home again for a very short period of time, with this trip it’s indefinite family time when I get home!

ta ta for now.