I bought a bike helmet

I just bought a bike helmet. It was 199 baht, a bit less then 6 bucks. I bought it because it has a visor, and I’m tired of my current loaner helmet which doesn’t have a visor (makes driving in the constant rain difficult), plus my current helmet smells terrible.

plus, i’m going to buy a scooter when I get home. Mom/Dad, we’re gonna need a bit more room in our garage!

terrible pic:

3 Replies to “I bought a bike helmet”

  1. Hi son,

    Great new purchase! Beleive it or not I just told dad that I am going to buy a scooter. Mine with a big basket up front pleae!
    Love you. Nice to see your post.

  2. For the record, I am quite serious about buying a scooter. I’ve been researching them fairly regularly over here, when I get a chance to use a computer.

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